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High Days & Holy Days for Sept 17

1st Sept Drithelm - vision of the after-life

1st Sept St Giles of Provence - helping those damaged by life

2nd Sept St William of Roskilde - standing up for social justice

3rd Sept St Gregory the Great - the man who saved the ‘angels’ 

5th Sept Laurence Giustiniani - the saint who knew how to help a beggar

8th Sept The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

9th Sept St Peter Claver - compassion for slaves

11th Sept St Deiniol of Bangor - bringing disagreeing bishops together

13th Sept St John Chrysostom - living a public faith

14th Sept Holy Cross Day

15th Sept St Adam of Caithness 

16th Sept Ninian, Bishop of Galloway – Apostle of the Picts (Scotland)

16th Sept Cornelius – the saint who had mercy on sinning Christians

18th Sept St Joseph of Copertino 

20th Sept The Martyrs of Korea

21st Sept St Matthew

23rd Sept When the sun goes edgewise – and daytime equals night

24th Sept St Gerard Sagredo – church planting in the 11th century

25th Sept St Ceolfrith (d 716) - baking and Bibles

28th Sept St Lioba - a memorable woman

29th Sept Michael and All Angels

29th Sept Enter all the angels, led by Michael