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High Days & Holy Days for May 18

1st May: May Day – unbridled merriment

1st May: Philip, the apostle with common sense

1st May: James the Less – quiet son of Alphaeus 

2nd May: Athanasius – the theologian who gave us the Nicene Creed

6th May Rogation Sunday (Sunday before Ascension)

8th May: Julian of Norwich 

9th May: Pachomius - the patron saint of administrators

10th May Ascension Day - 40 Days with the Risen Christ

15th May: St Matthias – the replacement apostle

16th May: Caroline Chisholm - helping the emigrants to Australia

19th May: Dunstan - the abbot who restored monastic life in England

20th May Day of Pentecost – Whit Sunday

NEW 21st May Helena, Protector of the Holy Places

24th May: John & Charles Wesley - evangelists & hymn-writers

26th May: Augustine of Canterbury - apostle to the English

30th May: Joan of Arc – saving France from the English

31st May: Mary, the Blessed Virgin, visits Elizabeth