Night-time Prayers

The little boy was saying his go-to-bed prayers in a very low voice. “I can’t hear you, dear,” his mother whispered.

“Wasn’t talking to you,” said the small one firmly.

The Wicked

A little boy had been very naughty and as a punishment his mother told him he would go without his favourite vegetable. He sat down for a meal, his mother served, carrots, corn, - - and? "It's no use waiting," said his mother, "I told you, no peas for the wicked."


MONTHLY JOSHUA TREE COFFEE MORNING -  1st Friday of the month 

We meet at The Plough, Christleton. Doors open at 11.00am - PLEASE JOIN US. 


For The Joshua Tree - Jean


MEN WHO MUNCH ... always on the third Thursday for the poor old men who have no one to look after them when their girls go out to play! JOIN US AT 'THE PLOUGH' in CHRISTLETON