Last chance?

The minister was very ill.  He was told by his doctor not to have too many visitors.  However, when his agnostic friend called, the unbeliever was ushered into the minister’s bedside.   ‘I do appreciate,’ said the agnostic, ‘you seeing me when so many in your church have not been able to see you.’

‘Well, it’s like this,’ said the minister.  ‘I feel confident that I shall see them all again in heaven, but I was worried that this might be my last chance to see you!’


Say that again?

A woman telephoned her bank and spoke to the accountant who looked after her holdings. ‘I want to make some changes,’ she said.

The accountant needed for more details. ‘Are you interested in conversion or redemption?’ he asked.

‘Good heavens,’ came the reply. ‘I must have got the wrong number.  I wanted the Bank of England, not the Church of England.’

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