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High Days & Holy Days for SEPTEMBER 2020

1st Sept    Drithelm - vision of the afterlife

1st Sept    St Giles of Provence - helping those damaged by life

2nd Sept    The New Guinea Martyrs of 1942 

2nd Sept    St William of Roskilde - standing up for social justice

3rd Sept    St Gregory the Great - man who saved the ‘angels’  

5th Sept    Laurence Giustiniani - the saint who knew how to help a beggar

6th Sept     Allen Gardiner – founder of the South American Missionary Society

8th Sept    The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary  

9th Sept    St Peter Claver - compassion for slaves

11th Sept    St Protus and St Hyacinth - victims of mindless violence

11th Sept    St Deiniol of Bangor - bringing disagreeing bishops together

13th Sept    St John Chrysostom - living a public faith

14th Sept    Holy Cross Day

15th Sept    St Adam of Caithness - the way NOT to tithe

16th Sept    Ninian, Bishop of Galloway – Apostle of the Picts (Scotland)

16th Sept    Cornelius – the saint who had mercy on sinning Christians

18th Sept    St Joseph of Copertino - the awkward saint

20th Sept    The Martyrs of Korea

21st Sept    St Matthew

24th Sept    St Gerard Sagredo – church planting in the 11th century

25th Sept    St Ceolfrith - baking and Bibles

27th Sept    Vincent de Paul – devotion to the poor and oppressed

28th Sept    St Lioba - a memorable woman

29th Sept     Michael and All Angels